Justin Bieber Sexual Frustration Blog


Him, me, and the bed.

Justin Bieber. What can I say? He makes me feel like a one less lonely girl. Teehee. :) I always picture us together; fucking eachothers brains out on stage, in the elevator, in my moms bedroom .. .but even the fantasy of it all, doesnt arouse me enough. I dont feel completed without him. I just dont know what to do anymore. . :( One day; while masturbating in my closet, I got a vision. There was the beautiful face of the biebs calling out to me. Puckering his lips and singing his most popular song to me. I couldnt believe what was happeneing .. suddenly, things got intense. He undid his shorts and as I expected to see his huge dick…
I didnt. To my suprise…there was nothing there. I sat there balling my eyes out…realizing the truth from everything that happened.

1. Justin Bieber will never be mine. and.. 

2.Justin Bieber is a girl. 

                                   ….The End. :)