Justin Bieber Sexual Frustration Blog

Mar 9


its huge. And trust me..I have seen it. It was a dark and windy Friday night, and Justin had just come home from the concert. I havent seen him in a long time since the tour, and i missed him now, MORE then ever. I missed the way his cock felt when he would squeeze it up between my butt cheeks. That was the worst day of my life. 
Why you ask? Well, the first time he made DELICIOUS brownies on my vagina, he hadnt hit puberty yet. THE SECOND TIME…well, thats what im telling you about. He promised me he would include a third partner in this time…and its supposed to be a suprise. Exciting? I was hoping it wasnt Selena Gomez. And to my luck it wasnt. The bad news was that his “partner” wasnt anything that I thought it would be.
                       ….so Ill just cut to the chase here. He had showed me his big, yellow and soft boner before placeing it in my vagina, (just to make sure it wasnt dirty….;) ) I saw it. Now I know who his partner REALLY is. And its nothing as yummy as Justin Biebers man titties. A mole. It was big. It was BIGGER then BIG. I think it was a mutant. ? All I know, is that was the last time I had seen him., and I didnt kick him out, his parents barged in while he was moaning his loud annoying noises.
            I still miss him too .
The End. :(