Justin Bieber Sexual Frustration Blog

Mar 8

Justin’s lobster babies

It was finally my night with Justin. Whilst i thought it would be just the two of us, Justin informed me we would be showcasing our love on stage at madison square garden. My razor like nipples were so hard they sliced through my brand new JB t-shirt, with my burger nipples poking out of the two holes where his eyes had been printed.  

I was so nervous watching Justin from backstage in front of 20 thousand, but i knew what i had to do. I quickly stripped off naked and strutted confidently onto the stage. My pussy was so wet and my cum was dripping down my leg. I was so lubricated i had to grab Justin’s cup of water, sticking it between my thighs and filling it with my juices to save for his parents. I was so nervous i felt my asshole widening and a watery brown - slightly bumpy - liquid splattering onto the stage. The aroma rose from my asshole and Justin was suddenly aware of my presence. He stopped singing in shock and his penis was immediately erect. It was SO large and thick it popped his trouser zip off and his throbbing penis was fully exposed. The blood pulsated through every vein in his trembling penis, until streams of blood oozed out of his foreskin. I strolled over, slowly got onto my knees and wrapped my tongue around his bloody genitals. He let out a gasp and ripped off the rest of his clothes, using my sharp nipples to speed up the process. 

The crowd was cheering now and i could hear the producers ordering for this to be aired on every national channel. Everyone was so horny and were vigorously masturbating. The whole stadium was flooding up with natural juices squelching down the isles and in peoples faces. i could even see some clits hanging off. People cut the eyes off their jb t-shirts and airing their nipples following the trend that had been unintentionally started. Peach, brown and black teats were swinging everywhere. 

Back on stage, someone had thrown a lobster at us. How convenient. Justin grabbed it saying, “this would make your fishy odour even better” and shoved it into my vagina. The lobster’s tail twaggled around with my clitoris, pinching and releasing repetitively. The lobster was so horny it laid eggs in me. I threw it back into the crowd where it latched onto someones titties, ripping them off within seconds. Justin was so turned on, he instructed me to lie on the floor whilst he used his penis to trace a line of cum onto my forehead and whispered “simba” in my ear. I engraved FUCK ME on his chest with my teats and we did it twenty times. After an hour my vagina started to split and lobster babies started to crawl out of my vagina. Justin was so happy we now had lobster babies together. We are going to raise them as our own.