Justin Bieber Sexual Frustration Blog

Mar 8

Justin’s lobster babies

It was finally my night with Justin. Whilst i thought it would be just the two of us, Justin informed me we would be showcasing our love on stage at madison square garden. My razor like nipples were so hard they sliced through my brand new JB t-shirt, with my burger nipples poking out of the two holes where his eyes had been printed.  

I was so nervous watching Justin from backstage in front of 20 thousand, but i knew what i had to do. I quickly stripped off naked and strutted confidently onto the stage. My pussy was so wet and my cum was dripping down my leg. I was so lubricated i had to grab Justin’s cup of water, sticking it between my thighs and filling it with my juices to save for his parents. I was so nervous i felt my asshole widening and a watery brown - slightly bumpy - liquid splattering onto the stage. The aroma rose from my asshole and Justin was suddenly aware of my presence. He stopped singing in shock and his penis was immediately erect. It was SO large and thick it popped his trouser zip off and his throbbing penis was fully exposed. The blood pulsated through every vein in his trembling penis, until streams of blood oozed out of his foreskin. I strolled over, slowly got onto my knees and wrapped my tongue around his bloody genitals. He let out a gasp and ripped off the rest of his clothes, using my sharp nipples to speed up the process. 

The crowd was cheering now and i could hear the producers ordering for this to be aired on every national channel. Everyone was so horny and were vigorously masturbating. The whole stadium was flooding up with natural juices squelching down the isles and in peoples faces. i could even see some clits hanging off. People cut the eyes off their jb t-shirts and airing their nipples following the trend that had been unintentionally started. Peach, brown and black teats were swinging everywhere. 

Back on stage, someone had thrown a lobster at us. How convenient. Justin grabbed it saying, “this would make your fishy odour even better” and shoved it into my vagina. The lobster’s tail twaggled around with my clitoris, pinching and releasing repetitively. The lobster was so horny it laid eggs in me. I threw it back into the crowd where it latched onto someones titties, ripping them off within seconds. Justin was so turned on, he instructed me to lie on the floor whilst he used his penis to trace a line of cum onto my forehead and whispered “simba” in my ear. I engraved FUCK ME on his chest with my teats and we did it twenty times. After an hour my vagina started to split and lobster babies started to crawl out of my vagina. Justin was so happy we now had lobster babies together. We are going to raise them as our own. 

Mar 8

Jiffy Lube

One day I was walking to work and I cantered past the local car wash. I could hear a loud commotion inside the premises, upon looking further in from the top of the hill, I could see Justin Bieber in car form. A large Hispanic man was rubbing him down with his own two hands. The man’s hands were large and the color of light coffee. His hands slowly slipped down to the exhaust pipe and started slowly gliding up and down the dirty shaft. I heard Justin’s moans escape from where the car horn would belt out. ‘WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ I decided it was my time to join. I entered in the inside of Justin, cut a hole in the upholstery and filled it with my cream. The Hispanic man was threatened by my presence and left me alone to be with Justin. I then turned into a dragon and broke out from inside of Justin like a chick hatching from a shell.

Mar 8

Justin Biebers Dildoe

One night I had a dream …It was disturbing..it was amazing and it was BIEBERRIFFIC! He appeared at me with nothing but his shirt on the couch. I saw it hanging and drooping as if I was soo hot that his penis couldnt hold a boner for a while. So I had to hold it. I was sticky …and purple. Yumm. I could see his hairy nipples calling out my name to suck all their milk DRY . I was tempted but his greasy tongue had my lips accupied. he firmly messaged my big boobies as he thrust that tiny thing into my vagina. It hurt a lot.  I didnt know it was THAT tiny, but it fit, which made it easier. I could feel it digging deeper and deeper into my Uterus. and I was screaming with pain. I could feel it wiggiling with ecstasy inside. And it felt like someone was grabbing my insides and pulling them out. It felt great! I cummed all over the room. A line of the white stuff landed on my stomach and he licked it slowly makeing me cum some more!!!!!. This was the best. And when I did wake up…moments later after giving him his desires…I masterbated to my homemade sex tape..remembering what we once had. At that point I was fucking him so hard that he screamed his little boy yelp and then I felt his balls drop inside me.  He lusts his hands onto my breasts and squeezed as if there was no tommorow. Of course it hurt and i had red marks in the morning …but it felt GREAT.  I remember him moving on to my eyes now getting bored with my vag., I could feel his sticky lips rubbing up and down my eyeball. It was …..different ..but I just couldnt help myself.  I made him hump me so hard that I screeched like a turkey. Mmmm.  Finally.  his heart beat loud and fierce and louder and louder until…finally. He closed his eyes and fell to the ground. I sat there horny and tired. But grabbed my safety scissors like any good boy or girl should grab and cut off his weiner. I decided to post this blog. Telling the world that i continue to use it …as ..a DILDOE!. 

The end :) TEEEHEEE. 

Mar 7

Santana The Stoner.

One kick-ass morning my friends and i went on a little trip to L.A. We got settled in our hotel room and i decided to drive down to Santa Monica pier, just to talk a walk by myself. As i’m walking down the beach i see a huge crowd of people, i’m wondering what the hell is going on! i see Justin Bieber run away from all these people, and they follow. Damn, i think to myself, Justin sure looks good in person. I didn’t want to let myself get too excited, i mean, he’d probably think i’m just an annoying fan anyway. After a little bit on the beach, i decide to walk back to my car, and as i get in, i drop my purse, my blunts fall to the ground including my lighter and my glass pipe shatters.

me:”Oh fuck!”

"These your beauties?"

I look around but i dont see anything, or anyone. I look under my car and Justin is laying there! He gets up and hands me my blunts.

Justin: “I’m guessing this is your car i’m hiding under, isn’t it?” 
Me: ” Yes, it would be. Hahaha! I guess a simple day at the beach didn’t really work out for ya did it?”                 Justin: “Yeah, you’re right, hahaha! Hey would you mind chillin with me for a bit, until the crowd stops looking for me?”

He gives me a gentle wink and i’m not too sure at what it means at the moment but i say “Sounds fine with me!” and we get into my car. 

Me: “Is there somewhere you wanted to go Justin?”         Justin: ” Well you are being super kind for helping me out, wanna go check out my loft?”                                      Me: “really? that’d be so sweet!”

So he gives me the directions and i drive away, Justin FUCKING Bieber in my car! whoa, i’m in shock! He turns on the radio and  Look At Me Now by Chris Brown, ft Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne comes on and out of habit i already start to rap it, singing the chorus. 
Justin: Damn! you’re hella good at rapping this song! -he smiles at me- By the way, i dont think i caught your name..
Me: It’s Santana. and Thanks!
Justin: Santana, Santana, Santana.. Beautiful name baby, I could say it all day…

I start to blush and new songs come onto the radio and justin and i sing together and we talk, and talk, and Who Says by Selena Gomez comes on the radio.

I laugh, Me: Hah, Arent you into this chick?
Justin: Eh, sort of. We never see eachother and we only date eachother for publicity.
Me: Haha, You like latina girls huh?
Justin: I like em’ all
He winks at me and i smirk and i say,
Me: Well good, cos sorry to break it to you, but i’m not latina,
I wink at him and he smiles. We get to his loft and its huge and beautiful a huge deck with a beautiful view of L.A. and Santa Monica Pier. 
Me: Your loft is amazing!
Justin: Thanks, Hey, im sorry about your pipe breaking from earlier.. Come with me.
I follow him into his bedroom, a huge room with a flat screen, a king size bed, and a 4 foot bong!
Me: That bong is sick..
Justin: Well then come on, lets toke!
Justin pulls out some purple kush, his favorite, not to mention mine and packs up the bowl, I stand on his bed and put my lips to the bong as he lits it up, the hit is so huge its hard to take, but i get it, coughing a little bit. The high hits me immidiatly.  
Justin: “I think its cute when you cough ;)
We smoke together for a while and then lay on his bed staring at the ceiling.
Justin: i’m so fucking high.
Me: oh man, i get so fucking horny when i smoke with hot guys
I blush, i didnt mean to say it, but i did i wasnt even thinking! i look over at justin and he smiles.
Justin: Santana, i wanna fuck you so hard.

Justin moves over to me and kisses me holding me, rubbing my hips, i love it and i moan softly into his mouth and i smile. He bites my neck and i whimper, loving it, getting wet at every second. I grab at his belt and i undo his pants, seeing a huge bulge coming from his boxer briefs. I start to talk off my top and justin says “No, allow me baby,” He takes off my top and my shorts, i lay there in my bra and panties, justin staring at me, “god you are beautiful, perfect,.. flawless” He undoes my bra and kisses my tits sucking my nipples and i moan. he takes off my panties with his teeth and finds my tatoo on my hip by my pussy, Make Me Scream. He smiles and says i like that. He eats me out, licking my throbbing pussy, im screaming ohhh and i orgasm and i grab his boxers and i pull them off, in awe of his huge massive cock. I suck it and justin moans with pleasure and i suck and lick his dick everywhere. i lay back and i finger myself and i whimper, justin i cant take it any longer just just Fuck me!!!
He grabs my hips and pulls me in slowly putting his dick in, torturing me, i scream and i yell, FUCK ME!! and he goes in and out , going harder every second, i’m in love. he fucks me so hard and spins me around and fucks me from behind, he starts to sweat and get on top on him and rub his pecs and i ride him harder and harder and i saw justin make me cum again, he moans and pushes into me harder and i scream and cum all over his dick he orgasms and moans and fucks me harder and says im going to cum, and i scream and fuck him as hard and my tight pussy can and he cumms all over me and i suck off the last remaining bit and we lay there holding eachother for a second, he picks me up and carries me to the bathroom and we take a bath together, he smiles at me and says

Justin:”Santana, that was incredible,”
Me: You’re telling me..!
Justin:” you better visit me ;)
me: Oh i will :)))

the end herp derp

Mar 7

Wild Night

[This isn’t an actual fantasy, it’s more like a story]

I was on the dancefloor. Working a tight, short, strapless dress paired will some black killer heels. I looked sexy. Grinding on some random guy while he planted soft kisses on my neck. “Mind if I cut in?” An unfamiliar voice piped up. I turned around to see non other than Justin Bieber, he was wearing black skinny jeans, plain white Supras and a black T-Shirt with “YMCMB” plastered on it. He looked sexy, and that, coming from me, was a compliment.

The random guy stumbled away in an instant

"How you doing shawty, you look sexy as hell tonight" Justin whispered huskily in my ear, leaving me a little flustered. I kept cool.

"Whats it to you, Bieber?" I replied beginning to grind against him

"Nothing. Girls are into that crap, right?"

"Not this girl. Actions speak louder than words" With a wink I replied

"Okay then."

He leaned in and kissed me slowly, almost immediately he asked for entrance, being the bitch I am I declined. He was very persistent.

Minutes later, I was pinned up against the club wall, and Justin’s tongue was inside my mouth. He was hungry for me, I could tell. His dick was poking out of his pants, he got rougher by the second.

I pulled away suddenly, Justin wiped his mouth, confused at my sudden action.

"I know you want me" I whispered seductively.

Now it was my turn to hold the cards.

Inside his limo, Justin practically ripped my clothes off, pushing me down onto the soft limo floor kissing me with the same passion that he had done previously. I slowly took off his T-Shirt to reveal his abs, I stared in awe. I never realized how hot he was until I was about to get into his pants, funny, huh?

In a matter of minutes we were both naked,

"Are you ready?" Justin asked me breathlessly


Then he went in me. My body felt like it was about to erupt, while doing that he was fingering me just as fast as he was fucking me, it.. felt… amazing.

"HARDER!!" I screamed, my wish was granted. He fucked me even harder, I felt so breathless, but it was the most amazing feeling ever, my senses were all wrong, but it still seemed right.

I was on the verge of cumming, Justin could tell. He decided to finger me even faster and fuck me harder. I moaned uncontrollably gripping onto his back like my life depended on it. Then I came. Justin licked it up like a hungry lapdog. Best. Ever.

"You’re turn now"

Damn right.

Mar 7

strap-on magic

Throwing Justin down unto the bed, I reached under the bed for my special box. My box filled with toys. I grabbed for the sparkly, pink strap-on. I saw fear flash in his eyes. I smirked and strapped the cock on. Justin didn’t think I was serious, but boy was I serious. I threw myself on top of him and started taking down his drawers. I then turned Justin around to get some of  his saliva as lubrication, making him take it in the mouth. After gagging on it, I positioned myself to take his sweet innocence. I thrusted into him, with cries of pain/pleasure from him. I laughed, it was so typical. I kept going at it, slapping his ass, tugging on his hair, and fondling with his cock; until I could tell Justin ‘s ass couldn’t take it anymore. I  pulled out and smacked his ass with the hard plastic. I grabbed Justin by his hair and motioned for him to turn around. I shoved the fake cock back into his mouth, making him taste himself. He reluctantly smiled about tasting the  cock that made him into a man.

Mar 6

Vampire Sex with Justin.

i want to shove salt and vingar chips up his ass, then i want to lick his ass hole until he shits them out into my mouth after that i was him to lick my vagina then bit it until it bleed, i want him to suck my blood like a vampire and shove his finger in my ass hold with my vagina blood on them.

Mar 6


I will use my strap on and cover it with chocolate chip cookies and watch justin suck it all off. Then i shall penetrate him but with my elbow as i need to spread the ass cheeks. As this he turn around to look at me and shoves vinegar into my mouth. I suddenly get my period and he eats me out. He looks so hot. Then he shoves my cookies into my bum cheek takes it out and pees on it and makes me eat it. YUMMY :)

Mar 6

Spicy Love

One day I was walking down the street. It was a perfectly normal day, and everything seemed to be fine. Things had calmed down lately, and I was hoping they would stay that way.

Suddenly, I noticed a billboard advertising Justin Bieber’s new movie, “Never Say Never”. I was thrown into a panic. I tried running from my feelings, but I couldn’t. The urges were too strong. 

I flung myself at the nearest passer-by and dragged him into an ally. From my bag I pulled the tools of my trade: a blonde wig, a tube of bright pink lipstick, a roll of duct tape, a bottle of hot sauce, and a cut out of Justin Bieber’s face. 

The blow to his head was quick and painless: I never wanted to cause my victims too much trauma. I removed his clothing and began to doodle small lipstick hearts all over his naked body. I then placed the wig on his head and taped the cut out of Bieber’s face to his own. They were practically twins.

In the hours following, a generous amount of mastication occurred: hot sauce makes for an excellent weapon of love. The filmy shadows of the dark ally provided the perfect atmosphere for my sick fantasies to unwind themselves. 

Things are a bit different now. I live in a room with padded walls, and my diet is made up of mashed potatoes and apple sauce. The consequences of my actions might seem unbearable, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of acting out my hot, passionate love for Justin Bieber. 

Mar 5

i want justin bieber to spit in my face as we fuck. i want him to call me his “dirty fucking bitch” as he rams his thick, long cock in my sweet virgin pussy. i want him to give me a cleveland steamer on my chest and rock back and forth on his steaming pile of shit and then lick it off of me. i want him to cum in my tight asshole and suck the liquids out with a silly straw. oh god just typing this is making me so wet. brb masturbating furiously to the biebz